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 ARSENAL711 / Admin / Moderator Application

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PostSubject: ARSENAL711 / Admin / Moderator Application   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:28 am

1. Q: How old are you.
2. Q: Your full name
Danny Byrne

3. Q: Your ingame name

4. Q: How long do you play on our server.
2/3 hours in the day, 2 hours+ at night. Normally 5 hours+ a day.

I have played on Firenzo for 1 Month now.

5. Q: Have you any experience in being a Mod,Admin[Not your own server]
Yep in some other servers before Firenzo but they were not as good.

6. Q: Tell about your self in max 200words.
I am a computer game fan, I play Minecraft alot and also have an Xbox, feel free to ask for my GT. I enjoy sports, I play football and cricket for my local clubs. I support Arsenal, obviously! My favourite player is RVP. I want to help the server by dealing with the new people, tping them and getting them started, also stopping griefers. I also want to make some massive bulidings, I love creating.

7. Q: Any suggestions?
Bring back the PvP and mazes!
I look forward to hearing whether you accept me.

(Btw great job on the weekly update on youtube)
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ARSENAL711 / Admin / Moderator Application
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