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 Mecko's Moderator,Admin Application

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PostSubject: Mecko's Moderator,Admin Application    Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:26 am

Q: How old are you.
I am 15 years old

Q: Your full name
Mecek Nikola

Q: Your in game name

Q: How long do you play on our server.
2-3 month

Q: How long you play on our server per day?
I play 6-8 hours per day

Q: Have you any experience in being a Mod,Admin[Not your own server]
Yes i have i got comands in singleplayar mode

Q: Tell about your self in max 200words.
Hello,my name is Nikola Mecek and i come form Serbia ,form small town named Kula.I have an older sister and she is pregnant so i be uncle for 14 days Very Happy.I like to play WoW,C.S 1.6 and normaly Minecraft Smile.I want to be moderator or admin so i can help ppl in any ways.

Q: Any suggestions?
Instal Greifer catching Plugin.
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Mecko's Moderator,Admin Application
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